Il progetto intero e’ incentrato sul tema dell ‘evoluzionismo in particolare sul viaggio che Darwin condusse in Argentina. Il progetto e’ lo sviluppo di una residenza d’arte avvenuta a Buenos aires nel Marzo 2012,questa seconda fase prevede di ripercorrere le tappe del viaggio di Darwin ,nell’ottica poi di creare elaborati grafici‐disegnativi di grandi dimensioni da inserire nella citta’.

Il seguente progetto e’ stato selezionato da GAI nell’ambito di Movin’ up 2012


In a world that is really upside down,the true is a moment of the false

Wallpaper and walldrawing studio reserch –cities skin

How the representation of nature can interact in a city and hopefully bring relief.

As well on the trace of Charles Darwin.


A       The mark and the space -Drawing nature on the cities 


-The main idea will be develop a creative and innovative concept  of hand painted wallpaper.

This Wallpaper is like a walldrawing applicated on the cities enviromental.

Cities skin.

Throght reserching new material from local source and as well recycling somethingh alredy existent.

that wallpaper will be made with painted background and screenprinting –(serigrafias)

That wallpaper could be made for interior space as well for exterior

The second step will be find  a space where the wallpaper or walldrawing can interact with city in order to change  the public space.

The goal will be  bring a re-creations of  nature  in to the urban space,that mean find a graphic and spatial solutions where the nature elements  as Plant ,trees,animal,stone ,fire water ,wind can innescate an enteractions with the urban ,architectonical space,and the people that live in.

The first stage of economy’s domination of social life brought about an evident degradation of beeng into having-human fulfillment was no longer equated with what one was,but with what one possessed

Guy debord

Society of the spectacle


As an artist I always been fascinated by history ,Geography , Topagraphy And anthropology I would like to do several short trips during the permanent residency in  some crucial point ,in order to recollect material and information,espeacially regarding the travel of C. Darwin.

All the research will be document by pictures and video in order to do a Documentations with the aim to put together in a news paper made by my self.

I figure out my documentations in the same format of a newspaper.

This newspaper will be made by screen printing and drawing in one copy.

After that I would like to print the original document transforming it  into a Graphic novel.

I thought about Darwin because for me is the connections between London and Buenos Aires.

I think to make this work documentation in order to propose after the residency an installations or events at the Darwin house in Kent or at theNatural History Museum in London.


Bring the nature to the urban space- transforming visual pollutions in visual knwoledge

-Transforming abbandoned and  building, in a space  of visual comunications and try to give a  visual relif in a such a visual polluted city as we live.

–  Treehouse prototype


That travel took to him 5 years time from England all along the Atlantic Ocean touching all the south cost of South America for then take his way to Galapagos the last stop before cross the Pacific ocean.

He was an exploratory and as well a scientist in any case a really good observatory of natural life and social costume.

This travel was a core point to write THE THEORY OF THE SPECIES

I have called this principle, by which each slight variation, if useful, is preserved, by the term of Natural Selection.

C. Darwin

C.Darwin voyage  in Argentina


The Beagle left Rio for Montevideo in July 1832, and Darwin spent almost six months exploring ashore. The ship returned to Montevideo again in April 1833, and Darwin had more months ashore.

He also found some fossil bones while there. This excited him, but there was no evidence of evolution in anything he saw. From August 11-17, 1833, he took a horseback trip. He traveled hundreds of miles from the mouth of the Rio Negro, north of Bahia Blanca, and thence another 400 miles to Buenos Aires, sleeping under the stars, eating whatever game the gauchos could find. His diaries indicate he was a strong young man, and well able to take the trip.

September 27, 1833, found him in Buenos Aires, saddling up for another trip. He rode horseback 300 miles northwest over dangerous roads to Santa Fe, on an arm of the Parana River. Then he returned downriver to Buenos Aires by boat, arriving there on October 2.

From November 14 through the 28th, he found some more fossil bones, and what he thought was the tooth of a horse.

This excited him even more, since there had been no horses in Argentina till recent times.

In somehow during my residency I would like travel in some locations that Darwin touched in order to keep in mind that kind of suggestions.


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